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We are Benavise Solutions: two group benefits advisors, and one family with a passion for supporting local companies with their Regina employee benefits. We love your employees, so we are here to help, educate, and collaborate with you on your group benefits plan. 

Group Benefits is all we do. Focusing solely on group benefits has allowed us to develop a unique depth of knowledge that sets us apart from the crowd. As a result,  our team is up to date on all of the current challenges that businesses can face with their benefits plan. 


Linda Regina employee benefit advisor


I have a passion for my clients, group benefits, curling, and travel!  I love building relationships with clients based on trust, support, and education.

 Outside the office, I have been a competitive curler throughout my life. I achieved success winning two Canadian championships and a World Championship. This led to being inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame on two occasions.

 In addition, I love travelling to new countries (most recently, Vietnam & Thailand); I find it a great way to learn about other people and cultures.

I love group benefits and helping people.  I grew up in Regina and truly believe it is a great city to start and run a business in.  With that in mind, my goal is to help business owners navigate an aspect of their business that can seem unfamiliar or difficult.   

 In my free time, I love playing hockey, volleyball, lifting heavy weights in the gym, travelling the world, and capturing some fantastic photos along the way.  One of my life goals is to set foot on all 7 continents. I’ve got 5 down, 2 to go!

Brodie Regina employee benefit advisor



Before starting as a leader of her group benefit advisors team, Linda worked as a marketing rep for a group benefits provider.  That experience helped her develop deep knowledge of all things benefits.  In 2004, she decided she could leverage her industry knowledge and skills to work directly with local business owners as an Employee Benefits Advisor. That’s why she founded Benavise Solutions. Linda’s goal was to help small businesses create the best group benefits plans to fit their unique needs.

Linda quickly grew her business, maintaining a large clientele. In 2010, she realized she needed the assistance of a partner.  Her son, Brodie joined the company, and now Benavise Solutions delivers knowledge and experience through two generations.


At Benavise Solutions, Linda and Brodie do what they love most, meeting local business owners, discovering their unique needs, working collaboratively to deliver great Regina employee benefits plans, and providing ongoing exceptional service to ensure clients get maximum value from their health benefits plans.