Departing Employee? What Happens Next

benefits conversion

3 min read Did you know that most employee benefits plans include an option for benefits conversion when an employee leaves the organization? With an aging workforce and more employees approaching retirement, it’s important to be aware of the options for someone when they are leaving a company. And it’s not just for someone retiring – whether a […]

Pre-Existing Condition Clauses in Employee Benefits

pre-existing condition

3 min read In our last post we shared a few features that can give your employee benefits plan a competitive edge, including critical illness coverage and long-term disability. Both of these employee benefits include a pre-existing condition clause, but a lot of people don’t necessarily know or understand how this works. Read on to learn all about […]

What Makes an Employee Benefits Plan Stand Out

employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan

3 min read We recently talked about how employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan can help you win the talent war by attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best people. Today let’s take a deep dive into some of the features of a benefits plan that we explored in our last post. Here are some of the most competitive types […]

Changing Employee Benefits Providers Is Easier Than You Think

changing employee benefits providers

2 min read Are you dissatisfied with your current employee benefits provider? You don’t need to stick with them if you’d like to make a change. It’s a common misconception that changing employee benefits providers is a difficult process or even impossible if your program is not up for renewal. The truth is, you can make a change […]

Why preventive Employee Health and Wellness Matter

Employee Health and Wellness

3 min read We’ve talked a lot recently about how workplace culture and employee well-being can have an impact on your employee benefits plan. Happier and engaged employees are less prone to fall ill when physical and mental health issues are avoided or addressed early on. Having a positive work culture that encourages open dialogue about mental health […]

Mental Health – Building Workplace Awareness

mental health

3 min read Mental health is a topic that’s being talked about increasingly and it’s important to recognize that it is a valid situation that employees may encounter at some point in their life. Between the challenges of finding work life balance, personal issues or trauma, stress at work, or any other number of concerns, we’ve seen an […]

Travel Plans? How Your Employee Benefits Travel Insurance Works

travel insurance

3 min read There have been lots of questions coming up around travel lately. It’s important to have a good understanding of how your employee benefits travel insurance works before planning a trip. A typical insured employee benefits plan would include travel insurance automatically built in to the extended health benefit. It provides coverage for an unexpected medical […]

The Sask Health Drug Plan – What You Need to Know

Sask Health Drug Plan

3 min read The Saskatchewan Drug Plan is a program available to all residents in the province. However, many people do not even know it exists. In this plan, Sask Health steps in to pay for a percentage of a Saskatchewan resident’s prescription drugs. The amount paid is based on their annual income. A family or individual qualifies […]

How much do benefits cost?

How much fo benefits cost

3 min read How much do (or should) benefits cost? Whether you’re an employer with an existing benefits plan, or if you’re looking to set up a new one, this is one question that we often hear from our clients and friends.  Yet, this is a challenging question to answer simply. Employee benefits rates can vary greatly based […]

Are Specialty drugs a threat to benefit plans in Saskatchewan?

Specialty Drugs

3 min read What are specialty drugs? Specialty drugs consist of high cost drugs, such as biologics, that doctors prescribe to treat complex medical conditions. Most insurance companies consider a medication a specialty drug when the annual cost exceeds $10,000.  Why should employers care about speciality drugs? Interestingly, less than 2 % of the population requires speciality drug […]