How to integrate Healthcare and Wellness Spending Accounts into your benefits plan

3 min read Healthcare and Wellness Spending Accounts have been gaining popularity in recent years because of the flexibility that these plans provide. A Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) is a tax-free benefit that can be used to pay for CRA-approved medical and dental expenses. The extent of coverage is typically wider than that of a traditional benefits plan. […]

Mental Health Resources For Your Employees

mental health employees

2 min read This year, a greater number of people in Saskatchewan are needing support for mental health because of COVID-19.  As such, employers need to be more mindful of the mental health impact of the pandemic and how it is affecting their employees. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association,  mental health costs Canadian businesses billions of […]

Renewals: What to expect from your benefits advisor

Benefits Advisor

3 min read The cost of employer sponsored medical benefits globally is forecasted to rise 7.2% in 2021. Are you wondering what will happen to the cost of benefits in your organization? What should you expect to be seeing in your upcoming benefits renewal? Today, there is no standard employee benefits renewal process. Renewals come in different formats, […]

Reopening: Bringing back employees who were temporarily laid off

employees temporarily laid off

2 min read As the economy in Saskatchewan is starting to reopen, employers are facing the challenge of bringing back employees who were temporarily laid off due to COVID-19. What has happened to their employee benefits plan? How do we ensure a smooth transition back to work for these employees? There are a few important issues for employers […]

Part 2 – How to reduce your premiums without taking benefits away

3 min read In part 1 of this blog, we shared some creative ways on how to reduce premiums without taking benefits away from your employees. The strategies that we discussed included the introduction of a wellness program, fine tuning your drug plan, and the use of healthcare spending accounts. Read more about additional cost containment options available […]

Benefits Renewal Deferral During COVID-19

3 min read In an effort to ease the burden of COVID-19, benefits insurance carriers are offering the option to defer this year’s benefits renewals by up to two months.  Additionally, many carriers are offering discounts on Health and Dental rates because they are seeing less usage of these benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to […]

Virtual healthcare and employee benefits during Covid19 in Saskatchewan

virtual healthcare

3 min read Virtual healthcare has taken a fast track in Saskatchewan because of Covid19 as many people are now working from and staying home. Today, more employers are starting to consider virtual healthcare as a benefit option for their teams. This trend is likely to continue once the pandemic is over. The Canadian Medical Association states that […]

Common Misconceptions About Benefits

misconceptions about benefits

3 min read Group benefits are complex, and not always easy to understand.  With numerous different benefits providers and options, it’s no wonder that many businesses find it daunting to choose the right plan. Over the years, we’ve discovered there are some common misconceptions about benefits that surface frequently. Working with our clients, we put a high priority on […]

COVID19 Employee Benefits

EI Sickness Benefits

3 min read It’s official – the World Health Organization now recognizes the novel Coronavirus (formally known as COVID 19) as a global pandemic and we’ve been in the midst of it for some time now. The Canadian government is encouraging people to stay home if they are sick with cold/flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough, and […]

4 types of group benefits that could improve your employee plan

types of group benefits

4 min read When companies build their employee health plans, we find that most choose to offer a few particular types of group benefits that the majority of business owners and employees are familiar with.  These include items like coverage for dental, extended health, maybe some paramedical expenses, and disability benefits. It’s often also the case that companies […]