How to reduce your benefit costs without taking benefits away

how to reduce benefit costs

3 min read Many employers think that cost containment strategies result in taking benefits away from their employees.  The employer would prefer to not do that.  The good news is that you don’t have to take benefits away in order to reduce your benefit costs. The key to success is to engage your employees into making a wise […]

Employee Assistance Programs In COVID-19: How Can Employers Help

2 min read Today, Half of Canadians report worsening mental health. The most common concerns reported include mental health struggles, financial difficulties and relationship issues. Yet, studies across various industries show that utilization of Employee Assistance Program (EAP’s) range from lows of 1% and highs of around 5%. Now is a great time to change that by putting […]

Supporting Employees Coping with COVID-19

employees coping with covid-19

2 min read The world is not the same today as it was just a few weeks ago. Business and school closures, extreme market volatility, self isolation, social distancing, restricted travel, restricted gatherings…it seems like every day we are being bombarded with more news about the Covid19 pandemic, and at times it can be difficult to process it […]

How to Attract and Retain Employees in Regina’s Buzzing Economy

retain employees in regina - job interview

3 min read According to the most recent report card by Economic Development Regina Inc., our local economy is doing well, employment is up, and the unemployment rate, similar to the province of Saskatchewan overall, is down.  The job market favours job hunters, and they know it. That means companies have to work harder to attract the best, […]

Probationary Periods and Benefits Waiting Periods

Probationary periods at work

2 min read Most of us are familiar with probationary periods. A probationary period is the period of employment during which an employee can be dismissed without cause, and without notice or pay in lieu of notice. Many employers put new hires on probation to protect themselves, and ensure they’ve really found the right fit. Employers often set […]

Employee benefits trends in 2020

Benefits trends 2020

3 min read According to a report by Willis Towers Watson, there are two key benefits concerns that currently top the list for the North American employers.  The rising cost of benefits, and the need to tailor benefits to meet ever more diverse workforces. How will employers keep on top of these challenges? We outline some of the […]

Employee Mental Health

employee mental health

4 min read Work. We spend around 60 per cent of our weekly waking hours in the workplace, and around half of our lives working. Work can be a blessing or a curse. It can provide meaning, connection, and feelings of empowerment and success as we tackle daily tasks and contribute to the short and long-term goals and […]

Virtual Healthcare

virtual health care

3 min read Are you struggling to make time to get to the doctor? Or are your staff missing time at work to manage their own, or their family’s health? Virtual healthcare could be a solution. Forms of virtual healthcare and telemedicine have been available through private companies and public services for some time. And now, group benefits […]

Employee Benefits for Small Business

Employee benefits for small business

4 min read If you’re an entrepreneur who is growing a business, you may reach a stage where you want to offer employee benefits to cover your own health, dental, and insurance needs, and those of your staff.  When you’re a small company, offering a Benefits plan for your employees can be a challenge. But it is possible; […]

Modern Benefits Plans

Modern Benefits

3 min read At Benavise Solutions, we often talk to our clients about modernizing their employee benefits package. But what exactly is a modern benefits plan, and why should companies change what seems to be working? These are important questions to ask, and we have a few answers. Did you know that benefit plans were established in the […]