Should you work with an Employee Benefits Specialist?

employee benefits specialist

3 min read An employee benefits specialist is a licensed advisor who focuses their practice specifically on employee benefits insurance. A “generalist” would be an insurance or a financial advisor who sells various insurance products and/or investments with employee benefits being only a part of what they do.   In fact, there are a large number of businesses in […]

Employee Benefits In Saskatchewan: What To Expect In 2021

Employee Benefits in Saskatchewan - what to expect in 2021

3 min read We now all know that COVID-19 is here to stay with us for a while. Along with that, health and regulatory changes due to the pandemic are likely to continue impacting employee benefits in Saskatchewan in 2021 and beyond. What could businesses be seeing this year when it comes to employee benefit plans? Let’s take […]

Mental Health Resources for Your Employees (Part 2)

Mental Health Resources

2 min read The importance of mental health in 2020 cannot be underestimated. Employers play an especially important role when it comes to supporting their employees’ mental health. In Part I of this blog published last month we talked about Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP’s). However, EFAP’s is only a part of what employers can do to […]

Your post COVID-19 employee benefits renewal: what you could be seeing

Post COVID-19 benefits renewal

3 min read COVID-19 has had a significant impact on employers’ claims experience. As a result, we’re seeing carriers calculating 2020 benefits renewals differently than the traditional way of doing so. First, let’s take a quick look at what happened to benefit plans when COVID-19 first hit, back in Spring 2020. During the months of the lock-down, claims […]

The importance of educating employees about benefits

3 min read Do your employees understand what’s included in the employee benefits package that your company offers? Employee benefits is an important component of employees’ overall compensation, and it’s a significant investment on the part of the employer. 86% of plan members in Canada stay with their employer because of the benefits. Yet, 80% of benefit plan […]

Group Disability Insurance Questions to Ask Your Advisor

2 min read In light of recent Work Safe guidelines that emerged as a result of COVID-19, many employers in Saskatchewan are rethinking their disability leave and absence management policies. A big part of that is the group disability insurance that comes as a component of your employee benefits package. It is an employer’s duty to ensure that […]

Medical & Dental visits in 2020 and Employee Benefits: things you need to know

3 min read There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of change and this certainly applies to employee benefits. In a span of just a few months, our world has become more virtual than ever. Many of life’s activities, including medical appointments, are now being done online, or by phone.  When medical practitioners, including dentists, […]

How to reduce your benefit costs without taking benefits away

how to reduce benefit costs

3 min read Many employers think that cost containment strategies result in taking benefits away from their employees.  The employer would prefer to not do that.  The good news is that you don’t have to take benefits away in order to reduce your benefit costs. The key to success is to engage your employees into making a wise […]

Employee Assistance Programs In COVID-19: How Can Employers Help

2 min read Today, Half of Canadians report worsening mental health. The most common concerns reported include mental health struggles, financial difficulties and relationship issues. Yet, studies across various industries show that utilization of Employee Assistance Program (EAP’s) range from lows of 1% and highs of around 5%. Now is a great time to change that by putting […]

Supporting Employees Coping with COVID-19

employees coping with covid-19

2 min read The world is not the same today as it was just a few weeks ago. Business and school closures, extreme market volatility, self isolation, social distancing, restricted travel, restricted gatherings…it seems like every day we are being bombarded with more news about the Covid19 pandemic, and at times it can be difficult to process it […]