Changing Employee Benefits Providers Is Easier Than You Think

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Are you dissatisfied with your current employee benefits provider? You don’t need to stick with them if you’d like to make a change. It’s a common misconception that changing employee benefits providers is a difficult process or even impossible if your program is not up for renewal. The truth is, you can make a change at any time, and it can be quite simple!

If you’re frustrated with your current provider’s service, then it might be a good time to reconsider who you’re working with. Because clients can sometimes stick with the same provider for several years, there are lots of enhancements or new options available that they may not be aware of. By looking at new providers, you’ll have the opportunity to review your plan as a whole and rethink its design.

Here are a few common questions that come up from clients thinking about changing providers.

1. When Is The Optimal Time For Changing Employee Benefits Providers?

Clients can opt to switch providers at any point in time. There is no need to wait until plan renewal, and no risk of financial penalty to make a change. Digital enrollment is becoming more common with providers, so this reduces the amount of required paperwork and makes it easy to proceed whenever you’re ready. It’s best to consider when it makes the most sense in your own organization. For example, if your year-end is a busy time then it might be better to wait until a quieter period of time when you can transition and introduce the new provider to employees.

2. What Information Do New Providers Need?

If you’re asking potential new providers to put together a proposal for your employee benefits plan, they’ll need a few pieces of information to give you a quote. Providers typically require details on your renewal period and a copy of your current provider’s booklet to assess your program requirements. They will also need information on employee demographics (hire date, birth date, marital status, etc.) as well as a summary of claims including information on employees on disability leave.

3. How Do I Choose and Transition to a New Provider?

It’s always helpful to work with a benefits specialist to assess provider proposals so you can make an informed decision. Because every insurer is different, the quotes are likely to come through with the details given in varying styles and format. This can be overwhelming and make it challenging to compare plans, but a benefits advisor can guide you. They are also a great resource to provide support with change management in your organization. Employees will need to understand how they are impacted by changing employee benefits providers, and a benefits advisor can assist plan administrators to ensure the right information is shared at the right time.


There is no reason to stay with a provider if you are unhappy with their service. Changing employee benefits providers can be a fairly straightforward process, especially with support from a benefits specialist.Do you think you’d like to make a change? Get in touch with us to discuss your options.