What Makes an Employee Benefits Plan Stand Out

employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan

3 min read We recently talked about how employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan can help you win the talent war by attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best people. Today let’s take a deep dive into some of the features of a benefits plan that we explored in our last post. Here are some of the most competitive types […]

The importance of educating employees about benefits

3 min read Do your employees understand what’s included in the employee benefits package that your company offers? Employee benefits is an important component of employees’ overall compensation, and it’s a significant investment on the part of the employer. 86% of plan members in Canada stay with their employer because of the benefits. Yet, 80% of benefit plan […]

Medical & Dental visits in 2020 and Employee Benefits: things you need to know

3 min read There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of change and this certainly applies to employee benefits. In a span of just a few months, our world has become more virtual than ever. Many of life’s activities, including medical appointments, are now being done online, or by phone.  When medical practitioners, including dentists, […]

Part 2 – How to reduce your premiums without taking benefits away

3 min read In part 1 of this blog, we shared some creative ways on how to reduce premiums without taking benefits away from your employees. The strategies that we discussed included the introduction of a wellness program, fine tuning your drug plan, and the use of healthcare spending accounts. Read more about additional cost containment options available […]

Employee Assistance Programs In COVID-19: How Can Employers Help

2 min read Today, Half of Canadians report worsening mental health. The most common concerns reported include mental health struggles, financial difficulties and relationship issues. Yet, studies across various industries show that utilization of Employee Assistance Program (EAP’s) range from lows of 1% and highs of around 5%. Now is a great time to change that by putting […]

Benefits Renewal Deferral During COVID-19

3 min read In an effort to ease the burden of COVID-19, benefits insurance carriers are offering the option to defer this year’s benefits renewals by up to two months.  Additionally, many carriers are offering discounts on Health and Dental rates because they are seeing less usage of these benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to […]

Virtual healthcare and employee benefits during Covid19 in Saskatchewan

virtual healthcare

3 min read Virtual healthcare has taken a fast track in Saskatchewan because of Covid19 as many people are now working from and staying home. Today, more employers are starting to consider virtual healthcare as a benefit option for their teams. This trend is likely to continue once the pandemic is over. The Canadian Medical Association states that […]