Canada Dental Benefit and your employee benefits plan

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2 min read The federal government’s Canada Dental Benefit launched roughly a year ago and up until now, there hasn’t been too much of an impact on employee benefits plans. However, as we approach the end of the year, organizations start thinking about preparing tax paperwork for their employees. As such, there are a few important things to […]

A Deep Dive on the Sask Health Drug Plan in Saskatchewan 

Sask Health Drug Plan and Employee Benefits

3 min read In our last blog, we shared drug claim trends across Canada. Now it’s time to take a look at what’s happening closer to home here in Saskatchewan. Employers in Saskatchewan need to know how the Sask Health Drug Plan impacts employee benefits. As well, it’s important to understand recent initiatives announced by the government around […]

The Latest In Employee Benefits – Drug Claim Trends

3 min read Did you know that 25% of all drug spend in employee benefits plans is on diabetes, inflammatory conditions, and depression? We’ve been keeping our eye out for some of the latest drug claim trends and have seen some interesting numbers come out in the last few months. When looking at the breakdown of drug claims […]

Support Employee Mental Health with Benefits

3 min read Mental health has become a big area of concern for employers, and we’re hearing about it a lot in the employee benefits industry. A recent Mental Health Index released by Telus Health earlier this year reports that the mental health of Canadian workers has declined sharply. It is now at the lowest point it’s been […]

What Happens When An Employee Goes On A Long Term Disability Claim

Long Term Disability claim

2 min read Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in Long-Term Disability (LTD) claims in employee benefits plans. If an employee goes on LTD, you might be wondering what happens to their benefits coverage. Here’s what happens to an employee’s benefits coverage when they go on LTD. 1. Long Term Disability Claim Waiver of Premium Insurance […]

The Top Three Drivers of Rising Employee Benefits Costs

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3 min read Have you noticed recent increases to your employee benefits costs? You’re not the only one. We’re seeing rates go up for a number of reasons, from inflation and heavy usage of certain coverage to incremental increases to the Saskatchewan dental fee guide. Employee benefits costs are based on several different factors like your industry, type […]

What Makes an Employee Benefits Plan Stand Out

employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan

3 min read We recently talked about how employee benefit plans in Saskatchewan can help you win the talent war by attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best people. Today let’s take a deep dive into some of the features of a benefits plan that we explored in our last post. Here are some of the most competitive types […]

The importance of educating employees about benefits

3 min read Do your employees understand what’s included in the employee benefits package that your company offers? Employee benefits is an important component of employees’ overall compensation, and it’s a significant investment on the part of the employer. 86% of plan members in Canada stay with their employer because of the benefits. Yet, 80% of benefit plan […]

Medical & Dental visits in 2020 and Employee Benefits: things you need to know

3 min read There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year of change and this certainly applies to employee benefits. In a span of just a few months, our world has become more virtual than ever. Many of life’s activities, including medical appointments, are now being done online, or by phone.  When medical practitioners, including dentists, […]

Part 2 – How to reduce your premiums without taking benefits away

3 min read In part 1 of this blog, we shared some creative ways on how to reduce premiums without taking benefits away from your employees. The strategies that we discussed included the introduction of a wellness program, fine tuning your drug plan, and the use of healthcare spending accounts. Read more about additional cost containment options available […]