Canada Dental Benefit and your employee benefits plan

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2 min read The federal government’s Canada Dental Benefit launched roughly a year ago and up until now, there hasn’t been too much of an impact on employee benefits plans. However, as we approach the end of the year, organizations start thinking about preparing tax paperwork for their employees. As such, there are a few important things to […]

The importance of educating employees about benefits

3 min read Do your employees understand what’s included in the employee benefits package that your company offers? Employee benefits is an important component of employees’ overall compensation, and it’s a significant investment on the part of the employer. 86% of plan members in Canada stay with their employer because of the benefits. Yet, 80% of benefit plan […]

Part 2 – How to reduce your premiums without taking benefits away

3 min read In part 1 of this blog, we shared some creative ways on how to reduce premiums without taking benefits away from your employees. The strategies that we discussed included the introduction of a wellness program, fine tuning your drug plan, and the use of healthcare spending accounts. Read more about additional cost containment options available […]