Support Employee Mental Health with Benefits

3 min read Mental health has become a big area of concern for employers, and we’re hearing about it a lot in the employee benefits industry. A recent Mental Health Index released by Telus Health earlier this year reports that the mental health of Canadian workers has declined sharply. It is now at the lowest point it’s been […]

Why preventive Employee Health and Wellness Matter

Employee Health and Wellness

3 min read We’ve talked a lot recently about how workplace culture and employee well-being can have an impact on your employee benefits plan. Happier and engaged employees are less prone to fall ill when employers address any physical or mental health issues early on. Having a positive work culture that encourages open dialogue about mental health will […]

Mental Health – Building Workplace Awareness

mental health

3 min read Mental health is a topic that’s being talked about increasingly and it’s important to recognize that it is a valid situation that employees may encounter at some point in their life. Between the challenges of finding work life balance, personal issues or trauma, stress at work, or any other number of concerns, we’ve seen an […]

Reopening: Bringing back employees who were temporarily laid off

employees temporarily laid off

2 min read As the economy in Saskatchewan is starting to reopen, employers are facing the challenge of bringing back employees who were temporarily laid off due to COVID-19. What has happened to their employee benefits plan? How do we ensure a smooth transition back to work for these employees? There are a few important issues for employers […]

Employee Assistance Programs In COVID-19: How Can Employers Help

2 min read Today, Half of Canadians report worsening mental health. The most common concerns reported include mental health struggles, financial difficulties and relationship issues. Yet, studies across various industries show that utilization of Employee Assistance Program (EAP’s) range from lows of 1% and highs of around 5%. Now is a great time to change that by putting […]